Dice Envy: Fat Tuesday

Dice Envy: Fat Tuesday

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In D&D, it’s about having fun, and nothing gets the good times rolling like a set of swirling glitter dice. Like Mardi Gras, the carnival celebration these purple glitter dice are inspired by, these dice have a little bit of something for everyone. Even if you aren’t from the Big Easy, the festive appearance of these dice will be loved by everybody, regardless of personal taste. Perfect for a DM who wants to set the scene of a bacchanal that will be remembered (or perhaps not!) by the party for weeks to come, or for a bard whose wild charisma is best expressed using the festive colors of Fat Tuesday. 

With purple and green swirling around in a translucent base, these swirling glitter dice are a blast to use. Easy on the eyes and pleasant to roll with, when you raise these dice up to the light you can really admire the universe contained in each one. But this purple glitter dice set has more than you bargained for. With 10 dice, you get an extra-large d20, an extra-large d6, and an infinity d4 to really get your campaign moving. With these extra dice, it’s perfect for the dice goblin inside all of us who just can’t get enough, or if you are sick of your friend who keeps on forgetting their own d20 back at their apartment, you’ll now have an extra one for them. 

These swirling glitter dice bring out a celebration everyone is invited to. Featuring dazzling colors, these purple glitter dice might not feature beads or a mask, but they contain all the wild joy you’ll find at Mardi Gras. Now, roll for advantage, and raise your tankards to a good time.