Seventh Edition - Theme Deck (Armada)

Seventh Edition - Theme Deck (Armada)

Seventh Edition - Theme Deck (Armada)

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Set: Seventh Edition Sealed
Release Date: 2001-04-11
In this strategy game, you play with decks of illustrated cards instead of a board. These collectable cards represent magical spells and fantastic creatures! New players should begin with a Magic: The Gathering starter-level game.


With "Armada", a strong defense is a strong offense. Maintain order with this white deck filled with quick creatures, powerful healing, and some unique creatures with equally unique abilities. Or just destroy opponents by making your own Serra Angel.

• A ready-to-play 40-cards deck
• A Customized strategy insert


Land (15)
15 Plains

Creature (16)
1 Angelic Page
1 Crossbow Infantry
2 Eager Cadet
1 Heavy Ballista
2 Knight Errant
2 Longbow Archer
1 Master Healer
1 Razorfoot Griffin
2 Samite Healer
1 Serra Advocate
2 Standing Troops

Enchantment (6)
1 Glorious Anthem
2 Pacifism
2 Serra's Embrace
1 Spirit Link

Instant (3)
1 Disenchant
2 Healing Salve

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