VAULTING TOWARDS FUN - Alex Burell, The Courier Herald


As Jan and Chad Martinell dreamed of opening their own game store, they started writing a wish list.

1. It has to be both cozy and spacious.

2. It has to be family-oriented.

3. It needs a large selection of games.

The married couple opened The Game Vault in the heart of Enumclaw’s downtown last Friday, and by any measure, they got what they wanted...

...The Martinells have been playing board games with each other since the beginning, and you can see sparks of their gaming passion through their day jobs.

“I think in the back of our heads, we always knew we would eventually open a game store,” Jan said.

Jan, ... is into games that involve deep strategy and managing economic systems, as well as games that have beautiful artwork and storytelling.

“I like building something and watching the engine grow — and usually winning,” she said, smiling at her husband. “I usually win.”

Chad, said he likes “a little bit of everything,” from party games to social deduction games and roll-and-write games. An engineer by trade, he’s compelled by games that present interesting mechanics or puzzles to be solved.

“She’s been a serial small businesses (starter) … and I’m a serial hobbyist,” he said.


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