Dice Envy Color Scheming

Dice Envy Color Scheming

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It’s so boring to be good, don’t you agree? These green-purple dice agree. To go around, sprouting some dull zealous garbage about “truth, honor, and justice” and puff up your self-righteous chest, where’s the fun in all that? To be evil, now there’s where the good stuff is. These evil dice want to help you on that quest—to find the really good stuff. Behind every intention, there is something a little more sinister brewing. It’s time to get deep into intrigue, death, and betrayal with these dice because maybe, just maybe, if you break those rules, everything you have dreamt of can be achieved. 

World conquest, wealth, or ultimate power, we know you want it all, because who doesn't? That’s what the green-purple dice are here to help you achieve. The design is inspired by the villains of the House of Mouse, and we take inspiration very seriously. Our lime green and smoky purple dice are just what every villain needs to get inspired to act a bit wicked. These dice’s swirls even look like eldritch magic. This dice set even features an extra-large d20, an extra-large d6, and a uniquely shaped d4 to really stand out when you need to do some sinister plotting. 

If you’re a DM, the Color Scheming dice set is perfect for the final villain of your campaigns, giving them an aesthetic choice showing just how wicked they are. If you’re a player, these green-purple dice will help you on your ultimate conquest towards power, destruction, gold, or whatever else your evil heart (and dice) desire. The heroes have been winning long enough, don't you think?